Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

HigherUp’s Workforce Analytics is your decision-making partner

Use your data to uncover the business questions you need to ask, and reveal the answers that will help CEOs, CFOs and HR executives make a difference today. Not tomorrow.

Data is the foundation for guiding today’s small and medium sized businesses through competitive skies.

We take the payroll and workforce automation data generated by Rocket and Jet and feed an analytics engine and customizable business intelligence dashboard that will have you navigating your business in a whole new way.

Now you can get the valuable business insights you need—at the moment you need them.

Data silos will be toppled, the clutter of multi-vendor systems eliminated, and costly time lags will become a faint memory of the past. And your critical business decisions will be informed by and made with today’s information.

HigherUp’s Workforce Analytics are generated by:


An analytics engine built on top of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition uses your data to reveal and pose appropriate business questions.


Customizable business intelligence dashboards enable real-time data access and proactive decision-making by non-technical staff.

Clean Data

A single data warehouse provides a unified clean source of data from our Payroll and Workforce Automation software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our dashboards present important data in a simple way to provide you with meaningful insights that will spark thought and exploration.

No way! HigherUp is a great place for businesses. The platform has a unified payroll and time and attendance solution which will help you manage your biggest business spend… your people.

Historically, the HR department has been focused on reducing employment related risks but never really given the opportunity (or tools) to provide thought leadership around the direction of the business and its people. With HigherUp’s workforce automation tools and analytics, you will enable your HR team to look at the business in a new way and make recommendations that improve your bottom line.

Workforce analytics will bring ROI in many areas. For example real time access to overtime hours during the pay period will lead to reduced labor costs. Workforce analytics will allow you to identify retention related trends before your top performers decide to leave the company. You’ll reduce time to fill positions in your recruiting pipeline with real time access to data.

Happy employees are productive employees. Prevent employee burnout by monitoring and controlling overtime, keep an eye on who hasn’t taken in a vacation in years and get them a break, watch out for high performers who have not had a raise in some time. Real time workforce analytics will keep you on top of this to help keep your employees motivated, rested and productive.

HigherUp’s solutions are all cloud based applications which means no servers or IT is needed to use them. Our implementation teams fully set up our solutions and hand you the keys when everything is ready to go. We are big believers in ongoing training and your dedicated team of client service professionals is always a phone call away to support you.

Workforce analytics is all about data and the more the better. Having all your workforce data in one data warehouse makes cross functional analytics possible. With multiple systems you can’t look at performance data and overlay compensation and hours worked and benefits received. You are forced to analyze each component separately.

Our platform information is kept secure using best practice and industry standard compliance. Our information is housed in a SSAE 16 SOC Type 2 Audited facility, complete with:

  • Biometric & card reader security access
  • Web farm on a separate secure network (DMZ) behind firewall database cluster protected by second firewall
  • State of the art security system with multiple video surveillance

Employment related claims costs business big dollars and your best defense against claims starts before you even hire an employee. HigherUp’s onboarding workflows ensure that every new employee goes through a thorough HR compliance checklist. All necessary documents are signed electronically and stored online permanently. Talk to your implementation team more about how we can help you reduce employment risk.