What is HigherUp?

Imagine if you had a platform that could bring you a single accurate source of real-time data automatically generated by an integrated Workforce Automation and Payroll System. And then that data is used to provide a customizable dashboard of Workforce Analytics to explore and address the most important issues facing your business.

Workforce Analytics is your decision-making partner that uses data to uncover the business questions you need to ask, and the answers that will help you make a difference. You need this today, not tomorrow.

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That’s HigherUp.

Our technology is designed to help CEOs, CFOs and HR executives in small and medium size businesses. We’ll help you eliminate the guesswork, topple the data silos, cut through the clutter of multi-vendor systems, and eliminate costly lag times.

Now, you can use your own data to help you identify and solve your most critical, strategic and operational business issues.

Workforce Analytics fueled by reliable real-time data.
Generated by a unified Workforce Automation & Payroll System.

Workforce Automation

Workforce Automation

Recruiting, onboarding, performance evaluation, benefits administration, time and attendance – all important requirements for running an efficient business. The data they automatically generate will make unprecedented differences in your business.

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Every business needs this. You have to pay your workers. The real power is in using its data to inform.

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Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Our customized analytics engine uses your data to reveal and pose appropriate business questions. Business intelligence dashboards deliver a user experience that enables real-time data access and proactive decision-making by non-technical staff.

Explore how our products can help your business lift off.

HigherUp delivers a single unified platform to help executives in small and medium size businesses use data, and not guesswork, to drive their decision-making. And it’s cloud-based for affordability and ease of deployment, scaling, and access – anytime, anywhere.



Jet delivers the payroll and time and attendance functions that every business requires. You need to know who is working when and for how long. But the real power is when you can use this data to inform powerful analytics that may have you seeing your business in a whole new light.

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Rocket manages your entire employee lifecycle – from recruiting to on-boarding to benefits. But beyond taking care of your employees, the data that those applications automatically generate everyday fuels business intelligence that will change the way you run your business – both operationally and strategically.

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What HigherUp Delivers

business decision-making

More profitable and strategic business decision-making

For CEOs, CFOs and HR executives, data-driven decision-making now replaces guesswork, intuition, and ad hoc spreadsheets.


Analytics for use by real people

Business professionals no longer need to have an IT or data science department, or settle for guesswork when making business decisions.

Unified solution

Unified solution designed to break down traditional data silos

Data is automatically synchronized and made available to inform the analytics you can use to drive proactive business decision-making.

Superior customer experience

Superior customer experience

Technology scales effortlessly through the cloud. Experienced support staff is there for you as you grow. Pricing options are flexible for businesses of any size.

Tested technology and bombproof security

HigherUp is built on an enterprise technology platform, but designed for the needs and use of small and medium sized business decision-makers.

Workforce Analytics


Powered by Oracle BusinessIntelligence Enterprise Edition

Multiple layers of datacenter security


Multiple layers of datacenter security, including biometric scanning for controlled access

Datacenter redundancy


Datacenter redundancy
(99.9% uptime SLA)

Multiple layers of datacenter security


Ease of deployment and scaling. Secure data access in a single synchronized data stream

Why CFOs Need Workforce Analytics

Why CFOs Need Workforce Analytics

Turn HR Data into Effective Action to Solve Daily Business Challenges As a CFO, we are, by nature, data driven decision makers. Historically, we have focused o—Read more

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