About WPS and HigherUp

About WPS and HigherUp

WPS Company History and Overview

Our CEO’s father founded the original WPS in 1981 as a staffing company.  In 1993 he spun off the staffing services function and I transformed WPS into a business management company.  WPS helped businesses of all kinds grow and succeed for many years.

In 2003, we made the strategic decision to streamline our services and focus solely on payroll and human capital management.

In 2016, WPS added the iSolved technology platform and we acquired HigherUp Payroll in order to expand the payroll related services that we were able to offer to our clients.  Today, we are able to offer a full suite of payroll and human capital management solutions that truly make a difference for our clients.

In our 35+ year history, we have grown from serving one client to well over 2,000.  As our technology and services have evolved, our primary mission has never changed. The goal of being “Your Business Solution” is what guides us, and it has not wavered to this day.