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Workforce Analytics and Business Owners: It’s Time to Uncover the Facts and Data Needed to Make Strategic Business Decisions

Posted by Business Owner Bob on June 23, 2015

Business Owner Bob - Workforce Analytics - HigherUP

  • “How much is the business paying in total compensation, and which department, branch or manager has the highest expenditures?”
  • “How do we better manager our OT costs?”
  • “Are we losing our top performers, and if so, why?”
  • “Are we getting the most out of the wages we’re paying our employees?”

In the small and medium-size business (SMB) space, we – the business owners – face a unique set of challenges, from wearing many hats as we handle the day-to-day business needs to making sure our employees are engaged so that we retain our top performers. The success of our business is dependent on the success of recruiting and retaining our most important resource, our employees.

It’s time that we transform ourselves into a Super Hero with HigherUp. With HigherUp’s workforce analytics solutions, we get the real-time facts and data we need, know the problems we have to solve, and make strategic business decisions that are based on fact, not hindsight.

Join me, Super Hero Business Owner Bob, and the HigherUp Super Hero dream team so that you, too, can gain a competitive advantage as we overcome our most common pain points:

  • Business decisions are made based on hindsight and guesswork: Many of us are still relying on paper-based reporting systems or electronic systems from multiple vendors. As a result, we are reviewing data that is historical rather than relevant. This means that we’re basing strategic business decisions on what already happened!
  • No insights, no action: Big data can present challenges, especially for the “average Joe.” Analytics alone isn’t enough, and in today’s world of data overload, we are finding that without the right information, there are no insights, and without the right insights, there is no action. Without these strategic insights, we are quickly losing our competitive advantage.
  • Maintaining operational excellence: The Holy Grail for us is operational excellence, which means cost cutting, maintaining quality, and running a tight ship. And without a unified solution that synchronizes all operational data – from recruiting and onboarding to performance – we cannot gain a holistic view of the business.
  • Managing workforce costs: Our biggest expense is our workforce – from the lifecycle of one employee to retaining top performers. We need to start asking ourselves if compensation is going to the best for our strategic growth and how we can effectively improve our workforce’s profitability.

You, too, can become like me, Super Hero Bob, when you unlock the power of workforce analytics. HigherUp gives you the information and tools you need with a technology platform featuring a fully integrated set of solutions, focused on workforce analytics, payroll, and HRIS.
To learn more about HigherUp and how their solutions can make you into a business owner Super Hero, visit HigherUp’s Website.

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