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Workforce Analytics: Enabling SMBs to Transform to Make Impactful Decisions in an Accelerated Service Economy

Posted by John Simpson on March 24, 2015

Workforce Analytics
One of the most substantial costs to any business is their employees. Yet, many SMBs are making critical decisions about their workforce based on hindsight and intuition – and with outdated paper-based systems. It’s no wonder that CEOs, CFOs and HR Directors have little to no understanding of their current and future workforce needs. Who are your best employees, and how can you retain those high performers? Why are overtime costs skyrocketing and who are the repeat offenders?

With a few honorable exceptions, most companies do not have rational decision-making processes that can lead them off bad pathways or create fruitful new ones. They do not know how to transform to meet today’s conditions. This is a crisis of process, as much as of talent. In some instances, businesses resist any sense of transformation in case it is seen as a diversion. The result is decision-making – without the thinking.

Through workforce analytics, business leaders have the ability to recognize what is happening – in real time, so that they can make impactful decisions. The time is now for SMBs to start thinking about analytics, in order to make better business decisions necessary in an accelerated service economy.

Today, we’re launching our company, HigherUp. Who is HigherUp? HigherUp delivers Workforce Analytics fueled by real-time data from a unified Workforce Automation and Payroll offering. We are enabling CEOs, CFOs and HR executives to strategically contribute to a more competitive business by making decisions based on data and the right business questions, not just intuition and guesswork.

Our mission is to enable small to medium size business to make more effective business decisions. HigherUp delivers HR-focused solutions that are holistic. Our technology platform features a fully-integrated set of solutions, focused on workforce analytics, payroll, and HRIS.

Our cloud-based products Jet and Rocket provide user-friendly solutions with fully integrated workforce analytics, payroll and HRIS:

  • Jet delivers payroll, time and attendance functions that every business requires, along with real-time payroll analytics to help businesses make smarter decisions about one of their biggest costs, labor.
  • Rocket includes all the core functionality of Jet and adds in workforce automation capabilities, including applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits management, and performance. The single data stream from Rocket’s payroll and workforce automation modules drive the real-time workforce analytics, which are accessible through user-friendly, customizable, and visual dashboards.

Our analytics engine is powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, resulting in a level of powerful analytics typically only available to the Fortune 100.

At the end of the day, workforce analytics is all about data and the more the better. Having all your workforce data in one data warehouse makes what we call – cross-functional analytics – possible. The reality is that multiple systems with siloed data sets limit your ability to look at the big picture. And here at HigherUp, we’re removing those barriers with the right analytics so that you gain insights on the big picture, and only then, can you make better business decisions.

Want to learn more about HigherUp? Please visit us at: HigherUp. On Facebook . On Twitter.

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