Workforce analytics bring you data-driven decision–making that moves your business beyond guesswork, intuition, and ad-hoc spreadsheets.
Made for real people.
Not data scientists.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics Is the Key to Today’s Competitive Business Environment—For Businesses of Any Size

HigherUp delivers Workforce Analytics fueled by real-time data from a unified Workforce Automation and Payroll offering. CFOs and HR executives in small and medium-size businesses can contribute more strategically to building a competitive business by replacing their current model of decisions driven largely by intuition and guesswork – to one based on using real-time data to frame and answer the right questions.

Analytics Need to be in the Hands of Real Business People – Not Data Scientists

HigherUp’s products are designed to deliver powerful analytics into the hands of “real people” and not just data scientists. CFOs and HR execs in small and medium sized businesses need access to the most current information now – not month old data that might be delivered tomorrow. And they need it in a form that helps them make more strategic and competitive decisions. Our technology platform makes information available “anytime anywhere”, and is quickly deployable and scalable via the cloud without the need for IT resources.

Workforce Analytics
Workforce Automation

A Single Platform Provides the Reliable Data to Fuel Proactive Real-Time Workforce Analytics

HigherUp is bringing data-driven decision-making to small and medium size businesses by delivering a single technology platform that fully integrates workforce analytics, payroll, and HRIS. A company’s valuable HR and talent-related data (e.g. payroll and HRIS systems) that was previously locked away in “siloed” systems from different vendors and ad hoc spreadsheets, is now efficiently and cost effectively available as a single clean data source to fuel proactive real-time workforce analytics. These analytics are designed to both reveal and answer critical business questions – in real-time.

What HigherUp Delivers

business decision-making

More profitable and strategic business decision-making

For CEOs, CFOs and HR executives, data-driven decision-making now replaces guesswork, intuition, and ad hoc spreadsheets.


Unified solution designed to break down traditional data silos

Data is automatically synchronized and made available to inform the analytics you can use to drive proactive business decision-making.

Unified solution

Analytics for use by real people

Business professionals no longer need to have an IT or data science department, or settling for guesswork when making business decisions.

Superior customer experience

Superior customer experience

Technology scales effortlessly through the cloud. Experienced support staff is there for you as you grow. Pricing options are flexible for businesses of any size.

Explore how our products can help your business lift off.

HigherUp delivers a single unified platform to help executives in small and medium size businesses use data, and not guesswork, to drive their decision-making. And it’s cloud-based for affordability and ease of deployment, scaling, and access – anytime, anywhere.



Jet delivers the payroll and time and attendance functions that every business requires. You need to know who is working when and for how long. But the real power is when you can use this data to inform powerful analytics that may have you seeing your business in a whole new light.

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Rocket manages your entire employee lifecycle – from recruiting to on-boarding to benefits. But beyond taking care of your employees, the data that those applications automatically generate everyday fuels business intelligence that will change the way you run your business – both operationally and strategically.

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Our Team

John Simpson

John Simpson, CEO

John is CEO and founder of HigherUp. John lives and breathes workforce analytics. For over a decade, he has benefitted from the use of analytics to help him lead and build multi-million dollar organizations. He’s a unwavering believer that every small and medium- sized business can and should benefit from access to analytics to empower profitable decision- making. John began his professional career at Deloitte, where he rose to Partner in just seven years. His background in accounting and his own personal experience running businesses has enabled HigherUp to focus its development on workforce analytics and C-suite dashboards that make a difference in how the SMB owner successfully and profitably drives business outcomes.

Mark DaBell

Mark DaBell, President

Mark DaBell, CPA, is President of HigherUp and has been working with small and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. Mark began his career at Deloitte, one of the world’s foremost consulting, and financial advisory companies, where numbers, data, and reports are everything. While working with small businesses at Deloitte, he saw firsthand how flawed data leads to faulty decisions and how effective and appropriate data spells success. Mark has utilized his previous experience to help lead the development and release of HigherUp’s Workforce analytics dashboards and reporting tools.

John Lee

John Lee, CTO

As Chief Technology Officer, John sets the technology direction for the company and ensures that HigherUp’s products are secure, reliable, and provides great value for our clients. Before HigherUp, John was CEO and Founder of Clarkston Technology Group, an eCommerce company, which eventually moved overseas to take advantage of the emerging markets there. Before founding Clarkston Technology Group, John served in almost every role in the software industry, including developer, tester, system administrator, project manager, business analyst, front-end engineer, and development manager. His broad industry knowledge, tied in with a passion for best practices allows John to lead a talented team of engineers in providing maximum client satisfaction.

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