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Re-Thinking Human Resources: Automating the Processes and Empower HR with Workforce Analytics

Posted by HR Henry on June 12, 2015

Workforce Analytics for HR Henry

  • “Why are our best employees leaving?”
  • “Are we compensating our employees fairly?”
  • “Why is it taking so long to get an updated report on workforce costs?”
  • “Do we need to hire additional staff to meet next quarter’s demands?”

If these questions sound familiar to you, chances are you’re tethered to a manual, paper-based human resource (HR) process. If so, you might be spending unnecessary hours searching for and chasing down information that is outdated or making critical decisions about your workforce based on hindsight and intuition.

Now is the time to adopt the power of workforce analytics through HigherUp’s solutions Jet and Rocket. With HigherUp, you can transform from a paper-pushing executive to an HR Super Hero. We deliver workforce analytics fueled by real-time data from a unified Workforce Automation and Payroll offering. We enable CEOs, CFOs and HR executives to strategically contribute to a more competitive business by making decisions based on data and the right business questions, not just intuition and guesswork.

With HigherUp, you can address your most pressing HR issues, such as:

  • Having problems retaining your top performers? Discover important employee information and resolve the issues, like if they are unhappy, if they are being compensated competitively and if they are being reviewed in a timely manner.
  • The C-Suite needs an immediate report on workforce costs and anticipated workforce needs? Not a problem! Workforce analytics is available in real-time and easily accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Not enough time in your day to handle everything? As many of us have experienced, most HR departments are typically understaffed, calling for the staff to take on multiple rolls – from payroll and benefits to procurement and invoicing. Each task can take hours to complete, as we are using paper-based or electronic systems from multiple vendors.  But with workforce analytics solutions like Jet and Rocket, the information we need is available in real-time and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, enabling us to answer management’s questions immediately.
  • Want a more a strategic role? Unfortunately, HR can be tasked with tactical, rote roles, and the reality is that many of us would like to have a more important, strategic role in the business.  With automated solutions like HigherUp, we now have the time to do more strategic work to add more value to the business.
  • Not good with numbers and math? In HR, we hear it all the time – “I’m a people person” and not keen to use data or understand how data and insights gained could work for HR.  Solutions like HigherUp make it easy as it’s made for “real” people like us, not data scientists.

With HigherUp, you can unlock the power of workforce analytics and propel HR to new levels of efficiency. Our mission is to enable small to medium size businesses to make more effective business decisions.  HigherUp delivers HR-focused solutions that are holistic. Our technology platform features a fully-integrated set of solutions, focused on workforce analytics, payroll, and HRIS

To learn more about HigherUp and how their solutions can make you into a HR Super Hero, visit

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