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Five Key Questions Workforce Analytics Can Help You Answer

Posted by HigherUp on June 26, 2015

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With Workforce Analytics – real time data and not guesswork – is becoming the foundation for revealing new business insights, guiding tough decisions, and being a proactive leader. Analytics can drive the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns and relationships in data that can help businesses define, predict, and improve performance. In HR, Workforce Analytics can be applied to answer important questions about workforce productivity, the ROI of training, predictors of turnover, and factors related to performance.


Five Questions You Can Answer with Workforce Analytics

Posted by Mark DaBell on June 16, 2015

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The success of an organization depends largely on the recruitment and retention of its single most valuable resource: its employees.

Workforce Analytics puts HR managers on the front lines of decision-making, and provides organizations with the facts and data they need to make strategic decisions about prioritization and investments in their employees.


HigherUp Delivers Powerful Workforce Analytics, Enabling Businesses of Any Size to Make More Effective Business Decisions

Posted by Mark DaBell on March 25, 2015

Company’s new solutions reveal and answer critical business questions in real-time

higherUp_workforce_analyticsPASADENA, CA – March 25, 2015 – HigherUp, a technology company specializing in workforce analytics for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced two new cloud-based solutions, enabling SMBs to capture the power of analytics to make critical operational and business decisions. The company’s innovative solutions are fueled by real-time data from a unified Workforce Automation and Payroll system. Read more >

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