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Why CFOs Need Workforce Analytics

Posted by CFO Charlie on July 8, 2015

Turn HR Data into Effective Action to Solve Daily Business Challenges

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As a CFO, we are, by nature, data driven decision makers. Historically, we have focused only on financial data, and until recently, most of us have not had access to HR data. As a result, we have missed out on opportunities by not considering those implications when making business decisions.


Five Key Questions Workforce Analytics Can Help You Answer

Posted by HigherUp on June 26, 2015

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With Workforce Analytics – real time data and not guesswork – is becoming the foundation for revealing new business insights, guiding tough decisions, and being a proactive leader. Analytics can drive the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns and relationships in data that can help businesses define, predict, and improve performance. In HR, Workforce Analytics can be applied to answer important questions about workforce productivity, the ROI of training, predictors of turnover, and factors related to performance.


Workforce Analytics and Business Owners: It’s Time to Uncover the Facts and Data Needed to Make Strategic Business Decisions

Posted by Business Owner Bob on June 23, 2015

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  • “How much is the business paying in total compensation, and which department, branch or manager has the highest expenditures?”
  • “How do we better manager our OT costs?”
  • “Are we losing our top performers, and if so, why?”
  • “Are we getting the most out of the wages we’re paying our employees?”


Five Questions You Can Answer with Workforce Analytics

Posted by Mark DaBell on June 16, 2015

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The success of an organization depends largely on the recruitment and retention of its single most valuable resource: its employees.

Workforce Analytics puts HR managers on the front lines of decision-making, and provides organizations with the facts and data they need to make strategic decisions about prioritization and investments in their employees.


Re-Thinking Human Resources: Automating the Processes and Empower HR with Workforce Analytics

Posted by HR Henry on June 12, 2015

Workforce Analytics for HR Henry

  • “Why are our best employees leaving?”
  • “Are we compensating our employees fairly?”
  • “Why is it taking so long to get an updated report on workforce costs?”
  • “Do we need to hire additional staff to meet next quarter’s demands?”


The California Paid Sick Leave Law Goes Into Effect July 1st, 2015! Are You Ready?

Posted by HigherUp on June 8, 2015

CA Sick Leave Law - AB 1522

All California Employers are required to provide paid sick leave to their employees beginning July 1, 2015. All employees, including part-time and temporary employees, will earn at least one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked.

Why HR Data Isn’t Just for HR

Posted by Mark DaBell on June 1, 2015

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Who is Making Workforce Decisions at Your Business?

How can we retain and engage top talent? How can we change our performance and compensation process? How can we create more company-wide collaboration? How can we increase employee diversity? These are common issues that many businesses struggle with, and too often, these workforce conundrums are incorrectly thought to be a human resource (HR) issue. The reality is that this way of thinking and doing business couldn’t be further from the truth.

Still Shuffling Papers in Your HR Department? Why You Need to Get Unstuck, Automate and Think Workforce Analytics

Posted by John Simpson on May 15, 2015

Workforce Analytics | HR ManagementAccording to Deloitte’s “Global Human Capital Trends 2015, Leading in the New World of Work,” human resources (HR) is “stuck in neutral” with 69% of respondents reporting that they are “weak” when using HR data to predict workforce performance and improvement; 61% are “weak” when correlating HR data to business performance; 59% are “weak” when conducting multi-year workforce planning; and 53% are “weak” when utilizing HR and talent operational reporting and scorecards.

HigherUp Is Now My HR Assistant

Posted by Robert West, Dir. of Employee Services, Priority One Credit Union on May 5, 2015

HigherUp becomes Priority One Credit Union's HR Partner

Thousands of members rely on the convenient, efficient and affordable financial services provided by Priority One Credit Union. Looking to transform their HR and payroll processes, Priority One deployed HigherUp’s Rocket solution.

By automating HR processes that also provide new business insights, the HR department at this credit union is now working faster and more strategically to improve the company’s bottom line.


Talent Retention and the Economic Value of Employees: SMBs Need to Start Thinking Analytics

Posted by Mark DaBell on April 25, 2015

millennials_and_the_workplace_2015Even the best organization cannot survive if their top performers quit, and high employee turnover costs all businesses time, productivity, and importantly – money. And in today’s successful businesses need to retain those “rockstar” employees who can change the customer experience to build brand loyalty.


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